who we are

We are strategy driven creatives, specialised in unfolding authentic identities. 
We don’t do advertising.
We make visual identities & brand stories. 
We are a collective of creatives, developers and thinkers, 
but not in the way you might expect. 

Who are you?

You are a friendly company that cares for a better world.
You are fun to work with.
You are ambitious.
You mean business.

Sander Willems

Concept & design

Working as a freelance creative at various advertising & design agencies for the last 10 years, I’ve experienced various approaches to creative communication. The approach that works best is by knitting strategy and creativity tightly into communication concepts.
It’s a proven method that made clients rather happy.

Jelena Simidzija

Concept & photography

Specialised in digital content, online magazines & social media.
Loves giving workshops and throwing confetti.

people we love to work with

The Bunch is not a Bunch without a Bunch.

Jorgen Barthel

Copywriting & Sales

One of the things my years in sales have taught me is this: too many companies are still trying too hard to tell what they offer. What matters though, is what their customers get. Happy to help.

Kia Kamgar

bits & bytes

Our go-to specialist when it comes to websites, software solutions, SEO, SEA, video, jokes, his dog Woof! and the amazing view from his office.