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the Pollinators

The Tipping Point & Nudge asked us to come up with an identity for the Pollinators, an organisation to enhance biodiversity throughout the Netherlands. We deviced a distinct visual brand story which positions the brand as a cool movement that you don’t want to miss out on.
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De Bouwcampus is a knowledge center for the construction world in Holland. Innovation is key for the building and construction world to survive the next era. The logo envisions a world where -unexpected- disciplines meet and shape a better future together.
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Atelier de Fer

When Oswin Beingsick told us he wanted to start his own Personal Training Gym in Amsterdam, he needed a name, an identity, a media plan and a cheap but effective teaser campaign, we were glad to help him out.
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Open Ogen

Open Ogen began as a small non-profit organisation educating teenagers on lover boys and sexual victimhood. The need was felt to expand and professionalise the organisation. We helped her create an elevator pitch, an identity and the necessary means to communicate this new identity.
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USC Physiotherapy

When redefining the USC-Physiotherapy identity, we decided to go for a postive story of well-being, and freedom of movement. This story is told through positive, up-beat photography, without focussing on extreme sports-performance or ailments. This way USC-Physiotherapy will be seen as a positive and care-free brand.
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Kus uit Amersfoort

The two founding members of the Odd Bunch -Jelena & Sander- partnered in setting up a lifestyle platform to promote all the gems the city of Amersfoort has to offer in a positive and upbeat manner.
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